A Brilliant win for the South Bristol Woodentops!

Last night the Woodentops started the new season by travelling to play against North Bristol A. Tony reports " A strong start by South Bristol Woodentops. My game was the first to finish after my opponent went astray in the opening. His position became untenable when he played 15.B(e3)-c1 and 18.B(a2)-b1 with his rook still on a1.1 nill to SB W. Next to complete was Dave's game.  I think he was winning but he overlooked a back row check which won a piece and the game foe white. Equaliser for North Bristol. Score 1-1. Gareth dropped an early pawn... but in a very complex position kept his opponent under constant pressure and concluded the game with a fine tactic and commanding display of technique. 1-2 in favour of the Woodentops. The final game to finish was Richard's on board 1. This was played down to a drawn rook and pawn ending after three hours of uncompromising chess. Final score North Bristol A 1.5 South Bristol Woodentops 2.5."


Iain Bourne will be interviewed along with promising junior Walter and his mother by BBC Radio Bristol and broadcast at 07:20 on Monday 20th September.


Many thanks to Iain for organising and running the Junior chess tournament last Thursday, a lot of work went in behind the scenes. Also a special thank you to Roy for taking time out from his holiday to travel back to Bristol to set things up.

It is time to look forward to the new season now with our two teams playing their first fixtures on the 14th and 16th of this month.


On Thursday night It was delightful to see five more new faces, and a very diverse group of people showing how chess is for everyone!

The link to this week's online ( lichess) rapidplay. All levels welcome!

Junior Chess Champions On 2nd September, 7:45-9:00, Iain Bourne, in conjunction with South Bristol chess, is organising a relaxed introduction to over-the-board chess for under 16s. No prior experience is required and everything will be explained. Parents will be able to attend the introduction and to settle the child prior to the commencement of play. We hope to broadcast the tournament via zoom to a separate room where parents can watch and discuss without interfering with play or play against themselves! The tournament is limited to 16 players who will play 5 games of 5minute chess. This is an unrated tournament so we will help any players who look confused.( Hopefully that won't happen)


The link to Wednesday evening's rapidplay Lichess 18/08/2021


I'm happy to report that our first post pandemic club night was a success and it was lovely to welcome four new faces, largely thanks to Iain's facebook campaign. Let's hope for a repeat this Thursday!


Good news that following the Covid break over-the-board-chess is about to resume!

Firstly the Folk House, Whitchurch,  will be open for chess every Thursday evening from 7:00pm, where we will hoping to welcome new players. Online chess participation is reported to have boomed during lockdown. Iain has been active on social media.

Secondly, the Bristol League have shared their plans for a recommencement of the league from September. We as a club have entered two four player teams . Fixtures will be fortnightly.

Our Wednesday online rapidplays are continuing . Last week saw some wild games, with Gareth emerging in first place. Lichess 04/08/2021 Next week's link Lichess 11/08/2021



Good chess from Richard while going unbeaten last week. Tonight we revert to a 120 min Arena.


Congratulations Florin for deservedly winning last week's rapidplay achieving straight wins after having to default the first game.

Tonight's link South Bristol Rapidplay All are welcome!


Well played Florin and Richard for tying for first place with 4.5/6 last week. Tonight's link


The link to this evening's rapidplay Hope to see you there.



Well played Richard, with normal service resumed and winning last weeks rapidplay. To enter tonight's Swiss follow the link



Congratulations Florin for winning Sunday's Bristol Swiss Blitz with a commanding 6 wins and a draw!

and to Gareth for winning last week's SB rapidpaly.

For tomorrow Charleville have set up a 10+2 arena style


Tonight's rapidplay All are welcome!


Following a closely fought rapidplay last week Gareth emerged in first place with Tony leading the chasers in second. To access tonight's edition


Well played again Richard on his runaway  victory last week. We have made the late decision to opt for the French Tarrasch tonight. All are welcome.


For tomorrow's tournament our Irish rapidplay partners Charleville have chosen a traditional unthemed set up. As always any Bristol & District players are welcome and Richard is on a potential hatrick after  coming top the past two weeks!


For this week's rapidplay all games will begin from the Alekhine Defence 1. e4 Nf6 so get practising.


Congratulations to Florin for topping last week's tournament. Tomorrow we return to a standard non-thematic format. 120mins , 10min no increment games 19:45 start.


Tomorrow's theme will be the Grunefeld Defence. To join use the following link address


Well played Richard for topping last week's rapidplay and Florin for winning the Bristol Swiss with an impressive 6.5/7. Tomorrow (24/03/2021) all games will start from the Budapest Gambit 1.d4 Nf5 2.c4 e5.


Tomorow's rapidplay  (17/03/2021)


Last week's Danish gambit mixed things up a bit which seemed to suit Gareth who topped the table and Florin who joined late but won his games. Tomorrow, (10/03/2021) we return to regular rapidplay. To join use the following link.


Congratulations Richard. Top man last week.

This week, (03/03/2021) something a little different; all games will begin 

with a Danish gambit 1.e4 e5 2. d4 exd4 3. c3 dxc3 4. Bc4  Have fun!


Well played Florin for topping the 11 player tournament last week. Tomorrow (24/02/2021) we return to a regular (non-themed) format. Thank you Charleville for organising. To enter please use the link


This week(17/02/2021), we are organising a thematic rapidplay where all games begin with The Old Benoni, code A44, moves 1.d4 c5 2.d5e5. As usual all are welcome, starting at 7:45  for 120 mins on lichess.


A reminder that this Wednesday's rapidplay (10/02/2021) 19:45 is hosted  by Charleville, and you need to join the Lichess Charleville team first, so those intending on playing please leave a bit of time when entering.

For those members interested Downend's Sunday tournament (10+2) 5 rounds starts 19:00

Also Yate's Tuesday (15+0)  Swiss starts 19:45

Thank you Charleville Chess Club!

We were very pleased to welcome a number of Charleville players last week, greatly enhancing the tournament.  Gareth took first place with five wins and two draws. ( see below)

To enter the next edition of our open- to- all rapidplay (03/02/2021) please use the link

Top marks Richard!

Very well played Richard for emphatically winning last week's rapidplay with EIGHT straight wins. To participate in the next edition (27/01/2021) use the following link.

Competitive Chess

I'm glad to report that we had a very competitive tournament last week, where no players either  dominated or struggled. Even the winner had three losses! For more of the same (20/01/2021) use the following link


This week's rapidplay (13/01/2021) link

Congatulations Florin

Many congratulations to Florin for his recent online victories over an IM and a WIM. These wins were then hansomely followed by topping  the tables at both our last week's rapidplay and then the Bristol District rapidplay.

Welcome to 2021!

Following our Christmas break, we are back with our weekly  online rapidplays, starting Wed 6th Jan @ 7:45. They'll  run for 120 mins Arena style on the free to use Lichess platform. Entry is not limited to South Bristol players any Bristol league players are welcome. To join please use the following link

16th December 2020

All players regardless of club are welcome to join us this evening for

our weekly rapidplay. Please use the followung link address.

2nd December 2020

All are welcome to join and play our weekly rapidplay this evening, with the same parameters as last week. ttps://


25th November 2020

Tonight we are sticking with Lichess arena format. 10 mins per player with the option of playing 5 min berserk. It'll run for 120 mins so equating to about 8 games each. Non South Bristol players are welcome to join the fun. Please use the following link.

17th November 2020

Tomorrow's tournament will be a small change from a Swiss system to Arena style. Starting as usual at 19:45 on Lichess and lasting 120 mins.

11th November 2020

We are sticking with Wednesday tournaments. To join tonight's use the following.

3rd 11th November

A quick reminder, to those not using our whatsapp group, that we are switching our weekly rapidplay from Thursday to Wednesday evenings starting from tomorrow. As previously, any Bristol & district players are welcome to play. This week's link

22nd Oct 2020

The link to tonight's Rapidplay Swiss

13th October 2020

Thursday's tournament is a simple 7 , 10 min round Swiss,  commencing at 19:45 with 2min intervals between rounds. As always non South Bristol players are more than welcome to play.

To enter use the following link address

29th September 2020

A reminder that our next tournament will run this Thursday 1st Oct from 7:45 and will consist of a 7 round 10 min Swiss. As always non South Bristol players are very welcome to play. Hope to see you there. Please use the following link

21st September 2020

Very well played Richard Garrrett for winning last week's tournament with a perfect score of seven wins. This Thursday's ( 24th Sept) will again be a seven 10 min round Swiss format. As always entries from non South Bristol players are very welcome. To join use the following link

15th September 2020

This weeks rapidplay ( Thursday 19:45) will again be a 10 min, 7 round, Swiss format. Non South- Bristol players are very welcome to play. To join please click on the following link.

9th September 2020

This week ( tomorrow, 19:45) we will be hosting a ,7 round, Swiss style tournament, set at 10 mins and no increments, using the Lichess platform. As always all are welcome; the more the better and to join use the following link


3rd September 2020

A late reminder : tonight's rapidplay (19:45) , will be 10 +0 arena style and 2 hrs duration. All welcome and to play/spectate use the following link.

For those ambitious players or those who would like to test themselves against the best, GM Danny Gormally will again be taking part  in the Bristol online blitz Swiss, this Sunday. To play please use the following link

25th August 2020

Florin triumphed in last week's rapidplay following his recent consistency. On Sunday Gareth, Florin and Tony represented South Bristol in the Bristol Swiss Blitz and Gareth played his 4th round match against GM Danny Gormally which was an experience to remember. The game was close to parity for about 15 moves before Danny showed his class.

This week our rapidplay will revert to 10min games, with no themed openings. As always non south Bristol players are very welcome. To play or spectate please click on the following link.

16th August 2020

Well played Iain Bourne for topping the podium of last week's tournament.

This Thursday there wiil be a change of format with games set at 5mins plus 2 second increments and with no restrictions on openings. As always the competition is open to non-South Bristol players; the more the better. To join use the following link

11th August 2020

Congratulations to Richard Garrett for topping last week's Polish rapidplay with an unbeaten run of Eight wins. This week's theme is the Budapest Defence (1.d4,Nf6 2. c4, e5) As always non-South Bristol players are welcome to play. Please you the following link.

For those chess addicts amongst you, every other Sunday evening there is a Bristol Swiss online blitz, seven rounds  of 5min plus 2 sec increments. There is rumour of a GM playing next time. Please use the link

3rd August 2020

This Thursday we will once again be using the free-to-use Lichess platform to host our weekly rapidplay. All games this week will begin with the Sokolysky (Polish) opening; 1. b4 . Should be fun

and maybe a surprise weapon for next season. Please use the following link

27th July 2020

Following on from another successful themed tournament last Thursday, all games this week will start from the Benko gambit characterised by the move 3...b5 in the Benoni Defence. Moves, 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 b5 . As in previous weeks all games have a 10 min time limit and any non- South Bristol players are very welcome to play. Please use the following link

21st July 2029

We continue the series of alternative openings this Thursday 23rd with the Albin Counter Gambit response to the queen's gambit. Hopefully when there is a return to over-the-board-chess we will have a broader chess understanding and be used to playing outside of our comfort zones. As always non-South Bristol players are welcome to play. Please use the following link


14th July 2020

The theme for this  weeks' themed rapidplay will be the Smith-Morra gambit variation against the Sicilian. As always all are welcome and it  runs for 120 mins starting at 7 on Thursday. Please use the following link

5th July 2020

This Thursday's tournament ( 9th July) continues the English opening theme with the Reversed Sicilian (1. c4 e5) See  link

27th June 2020

Very well played Florin for winning each of the last two week's tournaments! and which for a relative newcomer at this level is very impressive. This weeks theme will be the English opening with all games commencing 1) c4 c5. Please follow the link

23rd June 2020

A reminder that this week's rapid play tournament will be King's Gambit themed with all games starting ( e4, e5, f4) which should be entertaining! As always the tournament starts at 7:45 Thursday runs for 2hrs  and is open  to non- South Bristol players. To join or spectate follow the link

15th June 2020

Congratulations to Iain Bourne for winning the club one move/day competition by beating Richard with both the black and white pieces, to impressively  record a 100% record of 14 straight wins!

This week's rapid play tournament will be Dutch themed with all games beginning with the moves d4 f5. As ever, everyone whether South Bristol or not are welcome to play. Please use the following link address.


8th June 2020

There will be another 10 min/game tournament this Thursday, once again commencing at 7:45 and lasting 120 mins Arena style and open to non- South Bristol players.To mix things up a bit all games will start from the initial position 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5!  Link address.


2nd June 2020

As the first move per day tournament draws to a conclusion Iain has kindly set up a second tournament starting next Thursday 11th June. The link address is here.

30th May 2020

An update on the club move/day Group 2 swiftly finished off their games a couple of weeks ago, with Iain heading the table with a perfect 10 wins and Ed showed his ability over the longer move formats by finishing second ahead of two A team players. Group 1 are still in progress and Richard leads following his 10 wins and a draw with one game to play.


30th May 2020

Our next tournament, this Thursday at 7:45, uses the same format as last week with the slight tweek of dropping the "Arena Streaks " option where you get double points for a streak of wins. To enter or spectate please use the link

26th May 2020

The club will be running another tournament this Thursday 28th May starting at 7:45, with the same format as last week, a 120 mins arena system on Lichess with 10 min/game and with the 5min beserk option. Once again non-South Bristol players are welcome to play.

15h May 2020

Following on from another successful tournament last week, the club is again offering a 120 minute, 10 min/game arena style format on the free- to- play Lichess site. It starts this  Thursday 21st at 7:45 with the additional fun 5 min/game beserk option. Players other than from South Bristol are also welcome. Please use the following link.


11th May 2020

A reminder that our next tournament is at 7:45 this Thursday 14th on Lichess. It runs for two hours, with 10 mins on the clock and no increments. The more players the better and non- South Bristol players are also welcome. Please use the following link

5th May 2020

The one-move -per-day tournament is now well under way, with 13 participants and many games already completed. ( note, 24 hours is the longest you can take on a move, but in reality most games have many moves per day.)

This Thursday, 7th May, there will be another 10min/game tournament , a Swiss Style, on offer at 7:45. To enter you must first join the club Then once you have joined the club you must use the link

Following on from last week's successful tournament where we had 17 competitors there will be another this week, with the same format, again starting at 19:45 on Thursday and lasting for two hours and 10 mins per game, To enter use the link ENTER

The club is also running a one-move-per-day tournament. This also begins on Thursday the 30th of April, with entry before 19:30. To enter click ENTER.

Please note that whilst the 10 min/game tournament is open to all the one-move-per-day is restricted to South Bristol players. Good luck.


We hope people are staying well. The good news, is that the club has managed to adapt to the current circumstances and through a thriving whatsapp group we have been meeting through online tournaments where  up to around 10 players have been competing. To anyone who is missing out the more players the better. Having trialled a couple of platforms we have settled on using the free to use because of its superior post game analytical functions. Our next tournament is scheduled for 19:45 on Thursday 23rd April and  to last for two hours, with each game set  at 10mins and no increments. To join or spectate please use the following link

16th March 2020

The Bristol and District Chess League have announced that they are suspending the league with Immediate Effect.

After the latest government announcement today with regards the 'coronavirus' outbreak we unfortunately have no option but to suspend the league with immediate effect.  We hope that all our members are able to keep safe in the next few months and will provide an update once the situation becomes safe to play over the board chess again.

16th March 2020

Hello all,  the decision has been made, in light of today's government  announcement, to suspend the club until Thursday 7th of May, depending on circumstances. Take care and get practising online; there are a lot of good Youtube videos out there!


11th March 2020

The B team have been busy, first crossing the river to beat Hanham B 2.5-1.5, where there were victories for Rod and Andrew on boards 2 and 4 supported with a half point on top board by Jon. Then back on the road again, this time to play Clevedon C, who proved to be stiffer opposition, inflicting a 2.5-1.5 defeat. Ollie won on 3, with Andrew drawing on 2. The A team host Downend D tomorrow.

1st March 2020

Both teams were in action on Thursday as the  B team's match had been rearranged and what a good night it was. Both teams prevailed. First, at home, the B team beat Cabot B 3-1 with wins for Jon and Rod. Meanwhile the A team made the long journey to Thornbury, winning 3-5-2.5;  Jason and Florin both winning. The much needed two league points now give the side a four point buffer over any relegation fears.

23rd Feb 2020

The A team hosted Clevedon B on Thursday but a strong Clevedon achieved the league double 3.5-2.5.

23rd Feb 2020

Last weekend I (Gareth) played the Bristol Winter Congress, incorporating the Bristol Championship, finishing joint first in the major section with a score of 4.5/5 and a grading performance of 188!

8th February 2020

The B team made the trip to Filton on Thursday to play against North Bristol C. Ed reports the match was drawn with Andrew winning on 3 and draws from Jon and himself on 2 and 4.

8th February 2020

On Wednesday the A team visited Downend C and the team were under early pressure following a loss on board 2, but pleasingly things moved in our direction.  Richard drew on top board  Gareth played an uneventful draw against a higher graded player. Then Dave ( Mr reliable ) agreed a draw on board 4, when having  a big material advantage but under time pressure. Captain Jason had gone up a piece following a multi piece exchange and  went on to capitalise. Finally Iain expertly demonstrated the advantage of a knight verses a bad bishop in a blocked endgame. 3.5-2.5 win.

2nd February 2020

Another win for the B team. This time at home against Downend F. with Jon and Roy winning on boards 1 & 3 supported by Ed's half point on board 4. Final score 2.5-1.5

17th January 2020

The B team hosted Harambee this week and prevailed 2.5-1.5. Ed reports that Colin lost on top board, Jon drew on 2 and Andrew and Ed won on 3 and 4.

17th January 2020

The A team visited our south-of-the-river neighbours Cabot on Wednesday night. Jason our captain lead the way on board 5 soon wrapping up victory after his opponent dropped three early pawns. Our board 6 our player then left a queen en prise following a solid start thus tying the score. I didn't get to observe board 2 but it proved a loss. Gareth's game on 4 was notable for its dramatic swings in fortune. His opponent Alastair basically won the opening, coming out two pawns up. Gareth then managed to even affairs by forking queen and rook and looked to be better when Alastair spotted a clever tactic winning a rook by the threat of a back rank mate. The game seemed lost until Gareth managed to pin Alastair's queen to his king and from the ensuing exchange went on to win!  Dave's game on board 3 looked to be a straight draw but results elsewhere suggested a win was needed to get anything out of the match. Dave and our captain agreed that playing on to chase the win would be foolhardy so the draw was agreed. The only result still to be decided was Richard's on board 1. He came under a heavy kingside attack and although it was not immediately decisive he was materially wounded emerging two pawns down and down a knight to a rook. Richard played on in a captivating finish where there was hope to the last but ultimately the greater force won. Final score Cabot 3.5 - SB 2.5


11th January 2020

The B team kicked off the New Year hosting Hanham B on Thursday. It proved a narrow defeat 1.5-2.5. There were draws for Colin, Andrew and Ed on boards 1,3 and 4. Next week will see both the A and B teams in


21st December 2019

On Thursday the Folk House hosted the annual club handicap tournament. The format was five ten minute rounds with the handicap being the equivalent of one pawn per 10 point difference in grade. This resulted in incredible situations where stronger players were often without a full queen or even the three queenside pieces! There was a great turnout of 14 players. As promised Tyson visited the club to act as arbiter and we are very grateful to him for that. Between rounds we were spoilt with a delicious Christmas buffet provided by Tony. Many thanks.

After five rounds of madness and mayhem Gareth emerged with five wins and Florin and Jason were runners up.

Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year!

13th December 2019

The club will be hosting its Xmas handicap tournament on Thursday the 19th December. Start at 19:30, with time limits to be decided on the night. Refreshments will be provided.

13th December 2019

Last night the B team drew 2-2 with Hanham B in an enjoyable match (from a spectators'  point of view).

8th December 2019

The A team visited the University A where youth trumped experience with South Bristol losing 5.5-0.5. Looking at things from a broader perspective it is always good seeing up and coming talented players.

3rd December 2019

A couple of players have recently reported problems viewing the Latest League Results on the Chessit website. If you are using Microsoft Windows then downloading the following free viewer should solve it.

30th November 2019

Unfortunately I have to report the end of our cup run before it even got going. Jason our captain picked the strongest team available under the Minor Cup restrictions but collectively the team didn't perform. As is usual with losses some players performed well.  Jason quickly dispatched good opposition and Richard playing on top board didn't even require his two passed pawns to checkmate Dave Tipper with king and rook. There was mixed luck elsewhere. Iain benefited when, after going an exchange and pawn down, he was offered  the draw. ( maybe Imissed something there!). Dave, who  held a queen verses his young opponent's rook and two minor pieces, retained hope of either a perpetual or of at least picking off a piece. But then, with both players down to increments, Dave was driven back and eventually checkmated. The standard of play by both players under such pressure and after three hours endurance was  quite impressive. Final score 3.5-2.5 loss

23rd November 2019

The B team, bolstered by the return of Colin, beat University C 3.5-2.5 with Jon and Rod winning.

23rd November 2019

On Wednesday the A team travelled to play Downend D at their new venue, The Cross Hands. Despite being handicapped by a late withdrawal we remained favourites as we clearly outgraded on each board. On the evening, against the odds, Downend  took the match with a spirited 3.5-2.5 win. Well played to them.  On the plus side Iain and Jason did the business and both won.

16th November 2019

A brief update, for those not using the club whatsapp group; the B team's match at Yate  ended tied with wins from Rod and Ed.

9th November 2019

The B team bounced back nicely this week at home to Harambee, winning 3-1. Well done to Jon, Rod and Ed on their wins.

9th November 2019

On Wednesday the A team travelled to play Bath B. Most of the games emerged from the opening pretty level. Florin's game rapidly cancelled down to a balanced King and pawns ending, so it came as a surprise to learn that Florin had managed the win! Gareth and Neville both dropped material in their middle games with their opponents playing precisely to put Bath ahead 2-1. Richard looked to be holding out for a draw despite being a pawn down was on the wrong end of Zugzwang allowing his opponent's king to infiltate, collecting pawns and winning. 3-1. Tony soon had a smile on his face as he was able to play a checking queen fork collecting a hanging knight. His opponent threw everything into one last attack but soon burnt all his pieces and had to concede. With the score 3-2 all depended on Dave's game. He held a rook verses knight advantage but his opponent's pawns and pieces were solidly coordinated. Both clocks were below 2 minutes when Dave finally opened up the game and for a moment a win looked possible but under time pressure he opted to grab material missing a perpetual check and the draw. Dave was frustrated but it really was never straightforward. Well played to Bath on winning 3.5-2.5 Many thanks to Jason who accompanied as non-playing captain.

2nd November 2019

I can share that the B team slipped to a 4-0 whitewash against North Bristol C on Thursday. This week both teams are in action with the A team making the trip to Bath and the B team to Harambee.

31st October 1019

On Monday this week it was the turn of the A team to take the stage, playing at Clevedon B. Gareth came out of the opening in an awkward position and a pawn down. After fighting back to parity and getting into a clear winning position he had an aberration and threw the game with one bad move. Tony then succumbed to a loss against a crafty assault on his king. Dave seemed to be cruising to victory with multiple lines of attack but chose the wrong combination and had to settle for a draw. Richard managed two passed in a queen and pawns ending and only won after being frustrated for numerous moves. It was good to see Neville back playing whose game ended in a loss after dropping a knight. Finally captain Jason had a tough game and in the middle stages looked to be worse battling against a centre pawn on the 6th rank,  however, Jason managed to equalise things and score a draw. The final result being a 4-2 loss

19th October 2019

This week was the turn of the B team who played at home against Clevedon C. Once again Jon impressed and made quick work of his opponent who was hemorrhaging pieces. That is four games unbeaten now for Jon who can expect a healthy Grading Performance from the league once he has played five games. There were early departures on boards 1 and 4 with no points from either. The only game to go the distance was Rod's where things looked even for quite some time, however, late on there were some worried observers when Rod allowed Doug to fork his queen and rook. Then in an attempt to avoid an endgame Rod skillfully mustered and targeted three pieces  at Doug's castled king where the defence collapsed.  A crucial whole point to tie the match 2-2.

12th October 2019

On Thursday The A team welcomed Horfield C to the Folk House. Tony playing on board 1 offered Bob the draw and after scanning the other boards the latter accepted. Gareth playing on board 3 gained two pawns early on but with delayed piece coordination. An opportunity to cancel off the rooks and move to a winning endgame was missed and Tom found a perpetual check. Game drawn. On board 2, Dave pressed Kingside, and in an attempt to open up the attack sacrificed a bishop but in the end his opponent defended well and it was another draw. Mohammed's game was pretty even for some time, until he managed to pin Peter's king to his rook, winning the rook. A good win. Board 5 was a loss so with just one result left the score was even 2.5-2.5. That just left Jon on board six who with some huddle round the board kept his nerve, penetrated with two rooks and a knight and checkmated Graham in the corner and thus winning the match 3.5-2.5.


5th October 2019

The A team travelled to play Keynsham A on Thursday. Captain jason was soon a bishop up and a little later his opponent was trying to defend against five pawns and bishop with just his King. Mission impossible and 1-0 to South Bristol. Gareth's game was in the balance for some time with both players castling queenside, however Jim overlooked Gareth's queening g-pawn during a rook exchange and promptly resigned. 2-0. Meanwhile Dave converted superior space and mobility into victory. 3-0. Richard then offered the draw to secure team victory but his opponent declined. Florin, playing his first competitive chess and looking at home in the A team, was soon an exchange up and won. Richard's opponent later agreed the draw. 4.5-1-5 win.

28th September 2019

The A team playing their third consecutive home fixture, welcomed Cabot A on Thursday. The night got off to a good start where, on board 4, Gareth's opponent playing a Dutch Defence, failed to castle and with his King exposed on the middle files, his resistance collapsed after 25 moves. Richard on top board and playing against strong opposition also won. Unfortunately, on the night, the only other scorer for South Bristol was Dave who drew, resulting in a 3.5-2.5 loss.

21st September 2019

After the early season warm-ups, the A team produced a 4-2 victory at home to Downend C. Richard and Gareth both playing black won, Gareth with checkmate on the h-file. The other games were all drawn. Jon, just a week after making his competitive debut with the B team, stepped up to fill board 6 and was a piece up during the middle game before settling for his draw!

14th September 2019

The B team had a difficult night away against North Bristol D, losing 0.5-3.5. The only South Bristol scorer being  Jon White playing his very first game for the club.

8th September 2019

The A team, this week, kicked the season off by hosting Thornbury. Recently crowned club champion Dave Neagle scored the win on board 3, while top boards Richard and Tony both drew, however the lower boards lost resulting in a lost match 2-4.

12th August 2019

A reminder that the club AGM will be held this Thursday, 15th August, starting by 8pm. See you there

1st August 2019

Tyson has now kindly added his  detailed observations from last weeks tournaments.

Round 1 saw a clean sweep for the higher-rated seeds.

1) Garrett-Blaxill: Modern Defence. In a much better position Richard found a neat combination that won an exchange and a pawn There was intermediate swap of minor pieces and  Jason ade the wrong capture so Richard instead won a whole Rook! 1-0

2) Hassan-Harvey: Sicilian Defence, Closed. Muhammed was gradually outplayed by Tony. More space earned the A team player an extra pawn, the initiative and then a winning attack despite pieces coming off. Muhammed lost on time in a hopeless position. 0-1

3) Bourne-Cullen: Queen's Gambit. Iain's steady initiative eventually resulted in a Rook on the 7th which seemed to win the game all by itself. 1-0

4) Day-Neagle: Sicilian defence, Dragon variation. A long game in terms of number of moves but Dave prevailed in a King and Pawn endgame by a tempo or so 0-1

Round 2 saw some upsets with three wins coming for lower graded players.

,1)Neagle-Garrett. Sicilian Defence, Grand Prix Attack. Richard decided to castle Queenside to avoid Dave's usual Kingside onslaught. however, the number ! seed got opened up there instead and lost a piece for no compensation, Dave taking care to reduce any counterplay to a minimum. 1-0

2) Harvey-Bourne. Catalan Opening. In an early Queenless middlegame Tony made a promising Exchange sacrifice for two Pawns and a lot of activity. The next time your reporter looked Iain had won! 0-1

3) Blaxill-Day : Queen's Pawn Game. A steady contest with Pawns staying on but minor pieces being trade at a steady rate. eventually Jason stood better and Roy gave away several Pawns after missing a pin. 1-0

4)Cullen-Hassan. London System. The longest game of the round by far. Eventually an endgame was reached with everything on the Queenside. Gareth had a Rook and three Pawns against a Rook, Knight and one Pawn. In a tense stand-off Muhammed was given the chance to threaten mate in one and win the Rook. Missing this he dropped his remaining Pawn and was overrun. 1-0

Round 3

1) Bourne-Neagle. Dutch Defence. Iain had an early advantage after Dave lost two tempi going Bishop c8-b7-c8 to stop a Knight excursion into e6 from g5. Unfortunately shortly afterwards Iain left the Knight en prise for nothing and got routed down the f-file. 0-1

2)Garrett-Cullen. Icelandic Gambit. richard appeared to be at a disadvantage after Gareth's unusual opening. however the several times club champion went after Gareth's King and crashed through after the latter failed to find the best defence under heavy pressure.1-0

3)Blaxill-Harvey. Colle V Dutch Defence. A slow, blocked game came to life later on. Tony won a Knight but it was stranded on a4. Jason had a lot of compensation while Tony ran short of time. At the point when Jason seemed to have dissipated his advantage Tony's flag fell! 1-0

4) Hassan-Day. Giuoco Piano. A fast loss. Under early pressure Roy blundered his Queen and Muhammed finished the Black King off just as quickly. 1-0

Round 4

The pairings were awkward. Eventually we ended up with all the pairings featuring players one point away from each other. That ensured an exciting last round.

1) Bourne-Hassan. Queen's gambit accepted. This game was over so quickly that the reporter didn't even see it. Apparently Muhammed had early accidents on c7 and f7 and Iain took full advantage. 1-0

2) Day- Cullen. Icelandic Gambit. Another quickie. This time Gareth built up a good head of steam and won easily. 0-1

3) Harvey-Garrett. Neo-Grunfeld. Tony yet again sacced an exchange and a Pawn for compensation in a Queenless middle-game. The initiative swayed back and forth before Tony blundered his Bishop. 0-1

4)Neagle-Blaxill. Modern Defence. A tense middle game ensued with holes in both player's Kingsides. By this point it was clear that a win for Jason would result in a four way tie for first place. Dave's Knight was so far out of play that your reporter missed it and thought Jason was a piece up. Tyson returned to his desk to start pairings for a play-off. When he returned Dave was making forward progress only to fall into a combination netting Jason a piece. However, short of time Jason missed this and soon after his flag fell. 1-0

No draws at all!

An enjoyable time was had by all and your controller was much relieved at not having to negotiate a four way play-off!

J27th July 2019

Last Thursday the club held its annual Club championship and Major sections. There was a change to the format of previous years with the two sections combining as one four round Swiss system at a rate of 15 mins per player,with the Major being a competition within a competition.

Richard, Tony and Iain entered the Championship with Dave, Mohammed, Jason and Gareth in the Major but as Tony pointed out this didn't disqualfy them from winning the Championship. 2019 Minor winner Roy also played, to make an even number.

Sixteen games later and with no draws the final standings would not have been predicted. Dave Neagle, a major player, won outright with 4/4 and thereby winning both the Championship and Major sections! Very well played. Richard and Iain scored 3/4. Gareth and Jason scored 2/2. Tony and Mohammed scored 1/4. Roy 0/4

Many thanks to Tyson for controlling the event.

13th July 2019

I'm pleased to report that Gareth participated in the recent Steve Boniface Congress, major section, placing second with 3.5/5 and collecting the U140 grading prize.

14th June 2019

Tyson reports " The minor section of the Club Championship took place on Thursday 13th June. The competitors were Roy Day, John Dicker, Ben Goldstrom, Harley Kent, Gerald Mobbs and Ed Swann. They played a five round all-play-all with 15 minutes each on the clock.

Round 1 featured a cagey draw between Roy and Ed. Both John and Gerald lost on time against Harley and Ben respectively when the former pair had material advantages.

In round 2 normal service resumed as Roy refuted Ben's unsound sacrifice and Ed beat Harley. Gerald ground down John.

IIn round 3 Roy rapidly mated John's exposed King to take the sole lead as Ben competently held a slight advantage against Ed. Harley repeated last year's win over Gerald.

In round 4  Roy maintained his lead by beating Gerald in a lively game although Ed stayed a half-point behind by beating John. Ben had a cracking win against Harley in a wide open position with pieces en prise everywhere.

In round 5 Harley was already under early pressure when he left his Queen en prise to Roy. This secured the tournament for Roy regardless of all the other results. Ben crushed John easily enough after playing his new pet opening line. Gerald picked up an exchange against Ed with an impregnable position. All the pieces were swapped off and Gerald's rook found Ed's Queenside Pawns were very deciduous. Ed graciously conceded to give Ben second place on his competitive debut. "

1st R Day 4.5

2nd B Goldstrom 3.5

3rd E Swann 3

4-5th H Kent & G Mobbs 2

6th J Dicker 0



5th May 2019

The club's involvement in the league is now over for another year and Gareth has taken first place in the Player Of The Season competition, which included a run of eight wins and a draw in nine games during the latter end of the season. Many thanks to Gerald for recording and tabulating the stats. see POTS page . Also having good seasons, amongst others, were Richard averaging 78% and Tyson who remained unbeaten until his final match.

30th April 2019

The A team hosted Clevedon B in their final fixture of the season. Richard capped  a successful season with a crushing victory. Roy called on as a last minute replacement initially put up good resistance but lost. Gareth came out of the opening in a dominant position but overlooked a knight sacrifice and lost. Iain somehow dropped two pawns and then sacrificed a knight, to gain an attack, but was unable to quite make it work and was a further loss for South Bristol. Tony then agreed the draw in a slightly worse endgame.  Tyson's game was the last to finish and appeared to be winning as his opponent's advanced king looked to be falling into a mating net. His opponent, however, found a defensive covering move by the queen which proved decisive. One of those nights. Well played Clevedon 1.5-4.5


25th April 2019

The B team have completed their season away at Hanham A. The first game completed was Gareth's where his opponent dropped a bishop in a complicated exchange, leading to victory. Computer analysis later showed that both players had miscalculated the exchange and Gareth profited from his own error! Soon after a ceasefire was called on both Ollie's and Ed's boards. There was possibly more to play for in one or both or  of the positions. Remarkably the three remaining games were very similar in that  the South Bristol players were all down the exchange of a rook verses bishop into the endgame. Mohammed and Rod ultimately succumbed but Jason played well against the odds to hold out for the draw. Final score 2.5-3.5 loss

18th April 2019

Tonight The B team hosted Horfield D. We defaulted on top board. Gareth soon evened the score up when his opponent conceded following  an opening blunder and dropping four pawns. Jason's prospects didn't look good, however, his opponent overlooked a tactic in the centre of the board and Jason was able to equalise in material in a somewhat closed position. A draw was agreed. Joan's opponent sacrificed a bishop and  then mustered an overwhelming  kingside attack. Rod's game was a dogged affair which looked drawish but with time running low on both clocks Rod found a neat tactic -checking with the bishop and driving the king backwards into a back rank mate. With the score all square all attention turned to Roy's game. Although down slightly in material there were good drawing chances but with less than two minutes on either clock any result was possible. Finally Graham spotted the weakly  defended h-pawn and was able to pour forward with  a decisive attack . Final score 2.5-3.5

18th April 2019

The A team made the trip to Bath B yesterday. Despite being handicapped  by a board 6 default the team embarked with confidence. In short order Richard collected his point. Gareth came out of the opening exchanges three pawns up, although slightly slow on development and  his opponent made a game of it before eventually leaving a rook en prise. All the remaining South Bristol players were in winning positions; Dave and Neville both converted while Tony unfortunately blundered and lost. 4.-2 win.

12 April 2019

We WON the cup last night! (The Minor Knockout, against Cabot).

Tony on bd2 won his opponent's queen in the middle of the board. Dave on Bd3 agreed a draw with a slight material advantage but with doubled pawns and opposite coloured bishops. On bd5 Gareth went up two pawns -two passed pawns. His opponent sacrificed a bishop to stop one of them and resigned when required to cede a rook to stop the other. 2.5-0.5

On bd6 Roy lost the exchange and despite putting up a valiant effort succumbed. On Bd4 Mohammed attacked and missed a win when avoiding a queen exchange, but then allowed his opponent a mate in one. 2.5-2.5. All attention then turned to Richard's game on top board where a draw would be sufficient to take the match given South Bristol's superior win board order. The game was even and Richard twice offered the draw but Alan Papier selflessly declined. Needing the win, Alan over-pressed and lost. Final score 3.5-2.5. Many thanks to Cabot for making a good match of it.

7th April 2019

A notice that the club has a home final against Cabot, on Thursday, in the Minor Knockout.

5th April 2019

Last night the A team hosted University B. We faced a last minute withdrawal on top board and with just 5 mins before a default Roy agreed to step in. He performed well and only lost in the endgame. On board 2 Tony's opponent grabbed a pawn in the opening and held the advantage until overlooking a tactic under time pressure. On board 3 Richard emerged from the opening in a comfortable position and then won a pawn. From then on the result was never in doubt. On board 4 Neville  had a complex position full of tactical possibilities. It was hard to discern who was winning but in the end the South Bristol player came out on top. On board 5 Dave had to defend a rook and pawn ending material down. A draw was agree with each player holding a rook and pawn. On board 6 Gareth had the better position out of the opening. His opponent put up a good resistance but ultimately allowed Gareth to infiltrate with a queen and rook forcing the win.

Final result 4.5-1.5

29th March 2019

I can report a solid 4.5 - 1.5 win by the B team at the Folk House against Clifton C. Ed gratefully collected a default point on board 6 followed in quick order by Andrew on 5 playing against a novice player who left a queen and rook en prise in consecutive moves. Mohammed on top board made it 3-0. Gareth was spooked into accepting a draw in an opposite coloured bishop endgame. This turned out to be an error as the win was quite straightforward. Ouch! that felt like a loss. Jason then won on time. Finally Rod lost  his endgame by what looked like small margins. Two much needed league points!

29th March 2019

We are in the process of finding ways to keep the website more up to date. To that end you will see some new tabs to your right. What we really need, however, is for all clubs players to join our WhatsApp group and after each match (as soon as possible) to make a brief comment on their game - even if it is as simple as "it was fairly equal until I left my Queen en prise." Can club captains remind players to do this?

20th March 2019

Well done to the A team for winning their second away win in five days against Downend C. There were wins for Tyson, Dave and Gareth with Tony and Iain  gaining half points.

17th March 2019

Tony reports on Thursday's return fixture against our local neighbours Keynsham.  " I had the luxury of being the non-playing captain. Therefore once the games had started I decided to make myself a cup of tea. By the time I had returned to the playing room (no more than four mins later) Gareth Bd6 had already registered a victory! His opponent having dropped his queen's rook. On Bd5 Mohammed had been outplayed and was forced into a bishop and pawns endgame a pawn down. However Duncan miscalculated how many pawns he should exchange for Mohammed's bishop and lost when his opponent created two passed knight pawns on the 7th rank. On Bd4 David played a careful draw. On Bd3 Iain gained a noticeable advantage but resolute defence and the non incremental time limit helped David J get the better of a draw. On Bd2 Richard accepted a dangerous looking exchange sacrifice and managed a difficult position with some deft manoevering.  John resigned when facing a back rank mating attack. On Bd1 Tyson gave a textbook demonstration of how to play on both wings, gain material and then break through the centre. Keynsham A 1 South Bristol A 5 which slightly flattered us. Many thanks to all for playing. Tony"

15th March 2019

I'm glad to report that, last night, the A team scored a comprehensive 5-1 victory over Keynsham A.  Full details to follow.

9th March 2019

This week the B team hosted Downend E and on paper we were the stronger team. It turned out to be a difficult night with only Jason and Gareth scoring in a 4-2 loss. Many thanks to Ed in his role as non-playing captain for organising the team.

Ist March 2019

Yesterday the A team hosted division 2 leaders North Bristol A. Unfortunately Richard on board 1(black) missed the implications of his opponents gambit line in a c3 Sicilian and suddenly resigned when he realised that he was forced to lose a whole rook after just 12 moves. On board 5 Neville suffered the agony of a bad bishop verses a strong knight allowing Michael to wrap up the full point with some skillful play. On board 4 Dave launched a strong kingside attack finishing with a neat mating net. Jason on board 6 never seemed to get any play and eventually resigned. NB 3, SB 1. On board 3 Tony and Graham indulged in a wild open Sicilian with the kings in opposite sides of the board. Any result seemed possible but victory n the night went to Tony. Last to finish was Iain on board 2 who had an exchange advantage when entering a time scramble but with some strong defence Chris was able to turn the position to his advantage and  so N recorded the 4-2 win. Well played to North Bristol who demonstrated why they are league leaders. Many thanks to Tony for providing the report.

22nd February

Last night the club met Hanham in the semi-final of the minor knockout cup. On paper we were firm favourites but things didn't turn out so simply. Jason's (on 5) opponent was playing out of his skin and won the exchange. Dave on 3 had a nightmare in the opening and looked in real trouble. Richard on 1 misplayed the black side of a c3 Sicilian and looked uncomfortable. Ed was doing fine on 6 but then something went wrong and it was all over very quickly. Iain's opponent, however, played very passively castled queenside allowing a centre break and a quick win. 1-1. Mohammed pressurised his opponent and converted 2-1 but at that point it was difficult to see where the remaining points would come from. Jason hung on doggedly but lost. 2-2. Richard then began to outplay his opponent, winning the exchange but low on time. Dave was somehow still alive and was on the front foot. Richard then dropped an exchange but still had enough for the win. 3-2. Finally Dave advanced on the kingside and mated  on h2. 4-2 was the final result which rather flatters us but most importantly we're in the final!

9th February

This week the B team hosted  North Bristol B at the Folk House and in summary lost 3.5-2.5. Ollie scored the only win supported with draws from Jason, Colin and Ed. It is proving a tough season for the B team but Division Three survival looks probable.


31st January 2019

On Tuesday the B team travelled to play title contenders Downend D who were graded a lot stronger on the lower boards. Gareth's opponent Richard erred  early when advancing a knight but overlooking Gareth's checking move which removed the knight's  protecting bishop. The knight was then lost and the outcome was determined.  Joan had plenty of play but ultimately was beaten by a neat smothering mate. 1-1. Oliver haemorrhaged  a couple of pawns and under a lot of pressure dropped a piece. 2-1. Jason held out well for a draw. Mohammed had a passed pawn verses Mike's three passed pawns so Mohammed found a perpetual. 3-2. Finally captain Ed looked to be playing to a draw but late on overlooked a knight fork and resigned. 4-2.

19th January 2019

On Thursday evening the A team entertained Grendel who were fielding a strong six. Gareth's game was first to finish after losing a bishop  which lead to a lost position.  Richard then balanced the score with a win on board 3. Captain Tony on top board agreed the draw. At this stage the remaining games all looked even and a drawn match looked probable. Colin's game was almost entirely blocked and he offered the draw, it seemed almost certain that his opponent would agree but instead declined. Colin then sought to completely block the position whereas his adversary looked to open the kingside eventually succeeding and was rewarded when Colin lost a rook. Grendel led 2.5-1.5. Dave threatened his opponent's queen with a rook and instead of shifting the queen Will decided to advance a pawn to the 7th. After a long think Dave took the queen which resulted in a most unusual finale where he held a queen verses three small pieces. With at least a draw seeming certain Dave's clock expired. Finally Iain played Jerry to a technical draw, which was a fine result and broke Jerry's 100% record this season. 2-4

12th January 2019

This week the B team made the trip to play Keynsham B. Gareth was up against James,  and unsure what to expect, as the Bristol chess Times calculates him to be playing +36 above grade this season. This game was the first to finish and a win for South Bristol. Shortly after captain Ed asked for a draw and, after the Keynsham captain was consulted, the draw (the correct decision) was agreed. A glance at the other boards showed Colin two pawns up and the other games very balanced early in the middlegames. Ultimately I'm informed we prevailed 3.5-2.5 with a win from Ollie and draws from Colin and Jason.

5th January 2019

The club had a lot of fun on Thursday with the annual handicap. Ten players took part in a five round Swiss -system with  a handicap of one pawn value for every 10 points difference in grade, capped at a maximum of 9(queen). Finishing joint first with 4 points were Stephen Meek, Iain Bourne and Gareth Cullen. Tyson summed things up quite nicely by observing that everyone had at least one win and one defeat.  Many thanks to Tony and Roy for providing the catering and to Tyson for running the tournament.

Jason Blaxill - Club Champion (Major) 2018
Joan Molins - Club Champion (Minor) 2018